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Product features

Compared to manual cleaning work, the work speed is 10 ~ 15 times faster and the water consumption in wet cleaning is less than 1/10. The soft nylon brush  with a total length of 100 ~ 2,000 Cm equipped with Solmaks moves smoothly sideways at 0.3 m /sec. while rotating 10 ~ 15 times/sec. to clean the solar panels (2022/01).

Solmaks is guided by upper(fixing) and lower(moving) wheels for holding the solar panels from above and below. Since Somaks can be adjusted in length or have modular assembly design, it can be installed on solar panels of any size.

Solmaks can be driven safely by effectively using the edge of the side of the solar panels (Independent rails to be required for sizable Solmaks) .

Solmaks is equipped with its own independent covers to protect major components.

It covers the cleaning body, mechanical parts, control, battery and is made of aluminum unpainted.

Solmaks is equipped with nozzles and a watter inlet to supply and spray water onto the surface of the solar panel.

Solmaks can be installed easily on the solar panels. Solmaks installed can have  the left and right movement being laid between the upper and lower ends of the solar panels.

The entire surface of the solar panel can be cleaned evenly.

How to purchase

1.  Product inquiry : site check

2. Product model selection and evaluation : length fixed, length adjustable, modular, sizable, tracker, etc.

3. Design modification upon technical requirements and specifications

4. Design approval

5. Manufacture : parts process, purchase, assembly

6. Packaging : export standard wooden package


 1.  Overal mechanical and structure body

      : 15 ~ 20 years under the proper maintenance and spare part replacement

2.  Brush : 2 ~ 3 years depending on frequency of use

3.  Battery : 4 `5 years depending on frequency of use

automatic solar panel cleaning.jpg
automatic solar panel cleaning.jpg
automatic solar panel cleaning.jpg
automatic solar panel cleaningjpg
solar panel cleaning robot.jpg
solar panel cleaning robot.jpg
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