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" We are the world's original & leading manufacturer of

  robotic solar panel cleaning machine and system "

​We are

Originally Integra Global (as a sole proprietorship) based in Korea, Rep. was established in 2006 as a general international trading & factory & logistics automation company and was converted into a corporate level company in 2012 being specialized in sophisticated automated cleaning machine and system for solar PV system.

Ultimate Standard

The robotic solar panel cleaning products being produced with our experience and expertise provide the ultimate standard to catalyze the break-even time-frame on the solar energy investment of utility scale, commercial and residential solar PV system optimizing production efficiency up to

5 ~ 35 % 

The patented Solmaks® is the brand name for automated solar photovoltaic panel cleaning machine and system to remove dirt, sand dust, traffic pollutants, birds drops, snow, coal and iron residues, salt debris, leaves, ash, etc.

on the surface of solar PV panels by dry-cleaning or wet-cleaning promptly and accurately. 

태양광 청소

2006년 설립

solar panel maintenance
  • Solmaks SE / Solmaks E : Standard solar panel cleaning robot

  • Solmaks M : 4-section detachable solar panel cleaning robot

  • Solmaks F : Free motion solar panel cleaning robot

  • Solmaks P : Length adjustable solar panel cleaning robot

  • Solmaks One : Horizontal and vertical motion solar panel cleaning robot


     * Made to order products

Solmaks India.jpg


" Pioneering solar panel cleaning industry
since 2012 "


태양광 투자자 및 태양광 이용자에게 태양 에너지 이용의 진정한 가치를 제공합니다.

Strategic Intent

태양광패널 클리닝 로봇의 글로벌 개척자이며 선도자로서 업계 최고의 태양광 패널 클리닝 로봇을 공급하며 시장을 확대합니다.

Strategic Mission

태양광 발전효율 최적화와 이를 통한 투자수익 증대가

가능하도록 태양광 투자자와 태양광 이용자에게 도움을 드립니다.

Automatic solar panel cleaning system

The accumulated expertise and experience 
don't happen overnight.

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