Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning Solutions

Portable or Permanently installable    /    Durability and Weatherability  

Catalyze the return on your investment

Length fixed 

Length adjustable 

Section dividable 

" Solmaks® is the brand name for automated solar PV panel cleaning machine and system 


Cleaning solutions by Solmaks

  • Dry and Wet cleaning mode

  • Easy to install and use 

  • Speedy and effective cleaning

  • No pre-installation - Portable use

  • No training program required

  • Compatible design to various solar sites

The weight of Solmaks is uniformly distributed on the frame bezels of the solar panels

and the rotating brush is designed to avoid any risk of scratch on the panels. 


Major advantages

  • Design variation - Length fixed

                                    - Length adjustable

                                    - Section dividable 

                                    - Sizable

  • Dry and Wet cleaning mode

  • Single or Dual rotating brush cleaning

  • Counterclockwise brush rotation against unit movement

  • Button, Remote control, Mobile application

  • Full / Semi-automatic 

  • Automatic daily cleaning 

  • No pre-installed rails required 

  • Self powered by Sun energy

  • Rechargeable & removable battery

  • Low maintenance

The ultimate standard to deliver the real value of solar energy

Why do Solar PV panels need cleaning regularly ?
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Product variation

The solar panel cleaning machine & system of INTEGRA GLOBAL provide the ultimate standards to optimize the production efficiency of utility scale, commercial and residential solar PV system improving your potential return on investment.

The accumulated expertise and experience 

don't happen overnight.

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