Solar Panel Cleaning Machine & System

Catalyze the return on your investment

Permanently installable or Switchable​

Length fixed

Length adjustable



We are an original, not a copycat​

with DTECH
  • ​Single or Dual rotary brush

  • Single motor based - standard

  • Brush height adjustments

  • Reverse rotation of brush

  • Overcoming gap difference

  • Driving wheel location adjustments

  • No support wheels or support wheels

  • Button control

  • Remote control

  • Automatic daily cleaning

Solmaks is a highly modular platform that caters to customers' own requirements

" Solmaks® is the brand name for automated solar PV panel cleaning machine and system to remove fine dust, sand dust, hardened dirt, traffic dirt, birds drops, snow, coal and ironstone residues, salt debris, ash, mold, etc. on the surface of solar PV panels by either dry-cleaning or wet-cleaning promptly and accurately. "

Cost-effective cleaning

The accumulated expertise and experience 

don't happen overnight.

Solmaks P

- Length adjustable cleaning unit for 3 ~ 4 row panel configurations in landscape

The solar panel cleaning machine & system of INTEGRA GLOBAL provide the ultimate standards to optimize the production efficiency of utility scale, commercial and residential solar PV system improving your potential return on investment.

Solmaks P

Length adjustable cleaning machine

  • Maintains optimum output ​of solar system

  • Catalyzes the break-even time-frame on the solar energy investment

  • Saves time and energy to clean

  • Improves life-span of solar panels

  • Prevent permanent stain on the solar panels

  • Is specialized in very specific climate conditions, such as temperature, dust, rainfall and snowfall patterns.

Prototype Solmaks One - Development & Test

Development history - 2011 ~ 2013

Influence of Snow on solar panels

Solmaks E - Dry cleaning

Solmaks P based Nano coating machine

Why do Solar PV panels need cleaning regularly ?
How often  
should you clean solar panels ? 
Customized cleaning equipment

Wireless controlling and monitoring system 

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