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Solar panel cleaning robot 1.jpg
Solar panel cleaning robot.jpg
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" Solmaks® is the brand name for automatic solar panel cleaning solutions.

solar panel cleaning robot

Contaminated solar panels

  • Lose production efficiency

  • Diminish return on investment

  • Affect the life-span

  • Have the stubborn stains and hardened dirts

Without cleaning regularly

It is estimated that efficiency drops to  4 ~ 20% annually 

  • Ground mounted solar system

  • Roof mounted solar system

  • Single axis solar tracker

  • Carport solar system

  • A sizable single solar array

  • Floating solar system

We provide the highest standards to optimize utility scale productivity. Commercial and residential photovoltaic systems that improve your potential return on investment.

The accumulated practical experience and expertise
don't happen overnight

solar panel cleaning robot.jpg
  • Remote and button control

  • Dry and Wet cleaning

  • Single or Dual rotating brush

  • Automatic daily cleaning  ( fixed-permanently installable type )

  • Sensors

  • Speed control

  • Battery indicator

  • Brush height adjustments

  • Wheel location adjustments

  • Emergency switch

  • Self-charging system ( fixed-permanently installable type )

  • Easy to install and use

  • No pre-installation ( portable type )

  • No training program required

  • Compatible design

  • No pre-installed rails required  ( sizable product to be required )

  • Snow removal unit or coating unit can be equipped with

  • Site customizable​

  • Durable

  • Weatherable

  • Low-maintenance 

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