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Used for multiple purposes in a variety of environments, including not only solar panels, but also floor cleaning and tunnel roof canopies.

Solmaks F 

Remote controlled
  • High output control board for 25.2V, 20A ~ 35A

  • RPM control of cleaning unit 

  • RPM control of main rotating brush

  • Reverse control of cleaning unit and rotating brush
  • Forward / Backward / Left / Right
  • Rotation in position
Detachable rotating bush head
  • #. of brush : 2 x around 1,200 mm

  • Stainless steel connecting clamps

  • Light stainless steel shaft for brush 

  • Easy to replace brush

  • Height adjustments

  • Stainless steel clamp

Driving wheel and Motor
  • 6 x 6 

  • EVA pad based on rubber + Plastic material / Easy to replace )

  • Semi permanent

  • Hight output motors

  • Wheel shaft extension (optional) - All wheels on panel frame

  • Main body : Solmaks F - approx. < 25Kg + Battery : 5Kg  or 3Kg    

  • Brush module : Solmaks F - approx.13Kg/module                          

  • Li-ion battery  / 17V or 24 V, 17 ~ 31Ah

  • Rechargeable / Removable Lithium Ion battery

  • High capacity battery

Easy robot washing
  • Convenient wash of cleaning contaminated robot

Durability / Solidity / Weatherability / Adaptability
  • Aluminum precision parts / Sophisticated assembly / Rubber & Plastic driving wheels  / < NEMA 4X level / Rust resistant

  • Reliability under dirty working conditions

  • Dirt and wear, water resistant design

  • Independent battery protection box + outer cover

  • independent main control box + outer cover

Water supply / Battery level indicator
  • Detachable water supply unit / battery level indicator 

Releasing heat
  • internal heat air releasing design

  • 6 fans

Automatic solar panel cleaning equipment
automatic solar panel cleaning machine
Automatic solar panel cleaning
Automatic solar panel cleaning
wheel shaft extension solar panel cleaning robot
Wheel shaft extension solar panel cleaning machine
Multi purpose solar panel cleaning robot
Solmaks F
Multi purpose solar panel cleaning robot
Solmaks F for 4,300 width solar array by replacing a cleaning head
Best solar panel cleaning solution
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