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Length adjustable Solar panel cleaning robot / Lift & Shift

Solmaks P / Adaptability to various array widths

Remote control by mobile interface using WiFi(android) + Button control
solar panel cleaner
Length adaptable solar panel cleaning
Length adjustable cleaning machine
  • Remote control Interface : RPM controls of machine speed and brush rotation / Timer for automatic operation / Battery level indicator / Sensor check

  • Button control : Left forward / Right forward / Stop
Design dimensions available( Length ) / Speed
  • 1 ~ 5m

  • Easy length adjustments by mm

  • Speed : < 0.4m/sec.

Solar array width to clean with a 4-m based single machine
  • approx. 2.8m ~ 4m   

  • Adjustment range : approx. 1.2m

  • Adaptability to various array widths

  • approx. 90 Kg ( * including a battery )

  • Li-ion battery  / 25.2V, 20A ~ 35A

  • Rechargeable / Removable Lithium Ion battery

  • Operation time ( Lift & Shift Solmaks SE ) : < 1.5 hours with a fully charged  single battery   Charging time : about 3 ~ 4 hours

  • Battery charge using solar energy : solar panel(s) - 24V, a single panel or 24V x 2 ~ 3 panels
Concealed wiring and simplified piping system

Concealed design to protect sensitive electrical wiring from water, debris, dust and other external contaminants.

Brush / Equipped with 2 sensors
  • Sensor : Automatic start/stop and auto-reverse / IP65

  • Single brush

Durability / Solidity / Weatherability / Adaptability
  • Aluminum precision parts / Sophisticated assembly / Durable urethan & aluminum driving wheels / < NEMA 4X level / Rust resistant

  • Reliability under dirty working conditions

  • Dirt and wear,water resistant design

  • Adjustments of all driving wheels position / Adjustments of main brush position

  • Independent battery protection box + outer cover

  • independent main control box + outer cover

Independent rail tracks and docking stations
  • Solmaks M : rail tracks and docking station are not required                                                                ​

Mounted on bezel frame and Weight distribution design
  • Main driving and mid wheels are mounted on solar panel bezel frames at the edge of the panel for horizontal movement along the array

  • Products are designed with weight distribution concept


Adaptable solar panel cleaning equipment
Solmaks P ( Lift and Shift type )
Solar panel cleaning robot
solar panel cleaning
robotic solar panel cleaning
solar panel cleaner
Cleaning solar panel
solar panel cleaning machine
solar panel cleaning machine
solmaks cleaning robot
solar panel cleaning
automatic solar panel cleaning
solar panel cleaning machine
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